In our society today, we have so many industries that contribute immensely to the success of every country. One of such industry is the shipping industry.

The role of the shipping industry cannot be overemphasized. This industry is largely attributed to transporting of heavy and large goods from one country to another. Without this industry in place, I can confidently say that development would not have gotten to so many parts of the world. Every industry has its own pros and con, one of the major problem encountered in this industry is environmental pollution which is the emission of greenhouse gases particularly carbon dioxide and oil pollution.

It’s was estimated that as of the year 2012, the emission of carbon dioxide from ships was at a percentage of 2.2, it was also estimated that these emission increases yearly and that it may get to about 50-250% by the year 2025 if the appropriate bodies keep baiting closed eyes to the problem. Recently it was also argued that the pollution caused by shipping is less hazardous compared to other means of transportation, which can be argued to be true, but when calculated by the yearly kilometer covered and tons of loads carried, it can be said to be on the high side.
3.5 to about 4% of climate change are caused by carbon dioxide emitted from the ship. And as we all know, climate change is one of the greatest environmental challenges of this generation.


Blockshipping’s global shared container platform (GSCP) is enabled by blockchain. This platform is designed to solve all the major problems encountered in the container shipping industry.
This platform aims to reduce global emission of carbon dioxide yearly by at least 4.6millions tons.

GSCP will drastically reduce the environmental pollution caused by the shipping containers that will benefit everybody including the climate and the water bodies.
GSCP will implement their greybox approach to eliminate overloaded cargo which will reduce the time it takes for movement of goods from one point to the other which will f reduce the co2 emitted in transit.
We have all heard about global warming and how disastrous it will be in time if proper measures are not put in place, therefore I implore every one of us to make this GSCP a reality.
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    • The team have plans to make this a global project. Africa has promising tendencies as many of their economies rely on imported products. I believe this will also incorporate Africa in the masterplan. Blockshipping goes beyond borders.


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